to examine (a document, patient, disorder, etc.)
to experience (a profit, loss, etc.)
to look after (a baby, child, house, etc.)
to read (a book, newspaper, etc.)
to relieve oneself
to see
to take (an examination)
to try something; requires a main verb with "-아/어" suffix or use attributively with "적"
to watch (a film, TV, etc.)
regular verb
tense/politeness levelconjugation
declarative present informal low
declarative present informal high봐요
declarative present formal low본다
declarative present formal high봅니다
past base
declarative past informal low봤어
declarative past informal high봤어요
declarative past formal low봤다
declarative past formal high봤습니다
future base
declarative future informal low볼 거야
declarative future informal high볼 거예요
declarative future formal low볼 거다
declarative future formal high볼 겁니다
declarative future conditional informal low보겠어
declarative future conditional informal high보겠어요
declarative future conditional formal low보겠다
declarative future conditional formal high보겠습니다
inquisitive present informal low봐?
inquisitive present informal high봐요?
inquisitive present formal low보니?
inquisitive present formal high봅니까?
inquisitive past informal low봤어?
inquisitive past informal high봤어요?
inquisitive past formal low봤니?
inquisitive past formal high봤습니까?
imperative present informal low
imperative present informal high보세요
imperative present formal low봐라
imperative present formal high보십시오
propositive present informal low
propositive present informal high봐요
propositive present formal low보자
propositive present formal high봅시다
connective if보면
connective and보고
nominal ing