to fold up (sheets); to roll up (sleeves)
to gather; to earn; to harvest
to walk
ㄷ 불규칙 동사 (irregular verb)
This verb has both regular and irregular forms. The definition you see might not match the form you are viewing. You are currently viewing the irregular form. View the regular form.
tense/politeness levelconjugation
declarative present informal low걸어
declarative present informal high걸어요
declarative present formal low걷는다
declarative present formal high걷습니다
past base걸었
declarative past informal low걸었어
declarative past informal high걸었어요
declarative past formal low걸었다
declarative past formal high걸었습니다
future base걸을
declarative future informal low걸을 거야
declarative future informal high걸을 거예요
declarative future formal low걸을 거다
declarative future formal high걸을 겁니다
declarative future conditional informal low걷겠어
declarative future conditional informal high걷겠어요
declarative future conditional formal low걷겠다
declarative future conditional formal high걷겠습니다
inquisitive present informal low걸어?
inquisitive present informal high걸어요?
inquisitive present formal low걷니?
inquisitive present formal high걷습니까?
inquisitive past informal low걸었어?
inquisitive past informal high걸었어요?
inquisitive past formal low걸었니?
inquisitive past formal high걸었습니까?
imperative present informal low걸어
imperative present informal high걸으세요
imperative present formal low걸어라
imperative present formal high걸으십시오
propositive present informal low걸어
propositive present informal high걸어요
propositive present formal low걷자
propositive present formal high걸읍시다
connective if걸으면
connective and걷고
nominal ing걸음